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  • RIVERSONG Enters the Largest Retail Platform in Asia

    2021-04-13 15:45:31 Admin

    RIVERSONG currently enable to sell directly to Chinese customers, not only on the JD.com – one of the massive B2C online retailers in China, but also on the Tmall.com – the largest B2C online retail platform in Asia.


    Tmall was founded in 2008 by the Alibaba group after International and domestic brands were becoming frustrated at having to sell their products alongside many counterfeit merchants on Taobao, the Chinese equivalent to a eBay. Tmall is different from Taobao in that it is specifically designed for businesses with certified brands and other legal documentation. The end user also benefits, because when they buy from Tmall they can be confident they are buying genuine goods from the brand itself.


    With the RIVERSONG selling direct online, it's increases the brand reach. With an online store, RIVERSONG profits are no longer limited by the number of customers that can visit a physical store. Fans and customers in China, no longer need to waste time in a traffic jam during the trip to the store and spend time in que. Now they can enjoy shopping favorite products online whiting a one-click right at home.