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  • RIVERSONGWon India’s "Most Attractive Brand Award" in 2019

    2019-12-24 12:03:26 Admin

    Sponsored by Media Mobility magazine, the 6th Mobility Excellence Awards night and award ceremony was held at Hotel Surya in New Delhi, India on December 13, 2019. About 300 distinguished representatives from the mobile communications and digital parts industries attended the conference. Sir Manvindra, chief executive of RIVERSONG India, and Vineet Chauhan, marketing manager, were invited.


    Awards presented by Media founder Swapan Ray


    This year, for the first time, the accessories brand category was included in the event, which follows five successful awards by The magazine. RIVERSONG is a rising star in the digital accessories industry thanks to its award-winning user experience and innovative product design.


    RIVERSONG India CEO Sir Manvendra & Marketing Manager Vineet Chauhan

    "As a high-quality brand of 3C digital accessories, RIVERSONG has been adhering to the core of product innovation and technology since its establishment, combining personalized design and user experience, so that more users can enjoy the benefits of technology," Sir Manvindra said at the conference. In 2019, RIVERSONG optimizes and integrates three modules: technology, quality and service. The product supply chain is more complete, the product design is younger, personalized and fashionable, and the user and partner experience is better.

    In the future, we will continue to optimize business management, enhance product innovation advantages, deepen channels and expand the market.

    The digital product market is in the final analysis the competition of product quality and after-sale service. Only from the product quality and service, to win the recognition of the market. The reason why RIVERSONG is recognized by partners and consumers is closely related to our quality and service. Products and services are the life of an enterprise. Only high-quality products and services can make enterprises invincible in the competitive market."

    Congratulations to several of our affiliates and let's keep rocking in 2020!