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  • RIVERSONGCelebrate the success of the fourth quarter in South Africa

    2020-01-17 18:11:10 Admin

    Shortly after partnering with Infinity Data, a leading distributor in South Africa, RIVERSONG gained huge publicity and created a success story in the region.

    On top of that, Vodacom bundled RIVERSONG's Nemo 05 at the event, the most beautiful powerbank in their range, as a gift to buy the ViVO phone.

    Saeed Ali Yusuf, CHIEF operating officer for global sales, said: "We chose to partner with Infinity Data because of their unparalleled expertise in distribution and collaboration. We believe that by working with the right partners and equipping yourself with the right technology, you can overcome these challenges, drive strategic value and have a seat on the board.

    We are very happy to have experienced great success in South Africa. The booming smartphone market in the region is encouraging. This development paves the way for growth in the smartphone accessories market. As a result, we are now seeing more and more consumers looking to enhance their smartphone experience and protect their devices from injury or damage by using different accessories. Say, Said Ali